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Welcome to the Wiki[]

Welcome to the Friendship is for Adults Wiki! This is an online portal for Friendship is for Adults that anyone is free to edit. Please note that this site may contain spoilers if you are not caught up with all of the series' currently released content.

About the Show[]

Friendship is for Adults is an ongoing parody series based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in which the characters are re-imagined as adult show type characters that curse like sailors. It stars Twilight Sparkle as she lives in Ponyville as punishment for disobeying Princess Celestia and trying to resurrect Nightmare Moon.

It was developed by The Kanterlot (EyesofEstranged15, Kitaronicus, BeansAndJam, and RayearthNinja). The show was first announced nearly a year before the first episode was finally released and casting changes happened shortly after.

In addition to currently seven episodes, there are also five audio-only specials, including a Christmas special, two Halloween specials, a Valentine's Day special, an Origin Story, and a 1st Season Summary.


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