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{{Infobox episode
|name = The title of the article.
|image = An image of the title card.
|other_names = Other names the episode may have.
|season = The season of the series.
|episode = The episode number of the series.
|airdate = Dates in which the episode aired. (Example: {{USA}} September 12, 2016)
|run = The runtime of the episode (usually 11 minutes).
|sister = The a/b plot of the episode.
|songs = A list of songs featured in the episodes (usually conjectural names based on the lyrics).
|writer = The writer of the episode.
|director = The director of the episode (usually Mike Fallows).
|storyboard = The storyboard artists of the episode (can be found in the credits).
|previous = The episode that came before this one.
|next = The episode that comes after this one. If there is none confirmed, leave it out of the infobox.

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